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May 20, 2011

owl bento

last thursday  i hear an owly voice in front of my house tree when i was in the kitchen for cooking our dinner.  nobody at home at that time, just only me. i'm a little bit affraid when hear it. wondering about everything happen like at the ghost movie hiiiii...... -__-! so, after cooking i decide to looking for it and i amazed when i saw a cute little owl perched on a branch. the colour is browny.

but, it giving me inspire to make an owl bento for my dad. try to make a brown owly. i gave some ketcup to browning the rice and make wings, noose, eyes, feet, and feather from cheese and nori. for the side round box i put stirgreen vegie, barbeque shrimp sauce, and fried tofu.

May 13, 2011

funny pooh bento

no idea to make a bento like usual. so dad, this is a dinner for you. your girl make it with a huge of love for you.

friends of box : rice, smooked cheese, vegetables saute, meat sausage, fried squite, strawberry and star fruit.

May 6, 2011

sea ship bento for lil' Atha

My bff told me that her lil' boy didn't want to eat like usual. She don't know why... and she asked me how to increase his appetite. when she saw my bento and attracted to it she asked me again how to buy mold, food cutter and cute food pick that i had. so i told her that i bought it at many of online shop, and got it on Facebook or Multiply.

Okay, Atha.... aunty Oen make a ship bento for you, dear. This is the story for accompanying while you eat :
dear, look how the sailorman row the ship and you can see that fishs are smiling at you while you eat. "Come on, eat my body ", said the crab stick and rayfish together. Oh, that's a steam corn coral, watch out!!!! don't bump it. Let's eat that steam corn so you unnecessary bump your boat. Hurraaaayyyyy..., you can trought the sea and mummy give you a kiwi fruit and sweetened red cherry as a present for a Great Sailor, that is you Atha.....
friends of box : rice, steam sweet corn, fried rayfish, fried tempe, steam crab stick, kiwi fruit, sweetened red cherry, cheese and green lettuce.

Bon Appetit, dear Atha ^,^

May 1, 2011

javanese bento "pecel" in the morning

a simple bento, again and again because i have not much time to make it in my rush morning. yesterday my grandma gave me bananas from her garden when i pick her up to control her heart disease to cardiologist. and i fried the bananas with a little of margarine and you know, it's so delicious.....hmmm....yummy....

a half hour is so meaningful for me. now, my hospital make a new rule. before May, they still gave grace period about a half  hour before 7o'clock, but now they didn't compromise all of their employee who had getting late even if just one second. Oh, God, it's mean that i must got to sleep early and wake up early too in the morning to prepare breakfast and lunch for me, my husband and sometime for my dad. and this monday, i started everything and you guess what???? i coming late ten minutes to the hospital T_T. but tomorrow i will try a new way to prepare our breakfast more early than this day. Hoping not get late tomorrow.

friends of box : rice, cucumber, carrot, fried bananas and cheese, sweetened red cherry, fried tofu, omelette, fried tuna, spinach and stringbean, and a small cup of pecel sauce.