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May 19, 2013

Welcome to me and Award

Thank you so much, Mommy Yenny

These are some rules for the award receiver:
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Only 2 questions, it's good to know you better :D
1. What makes you feel great about yourself?
2. Who inspires you most? Also be more specific, which qualities inspire you, in each person? You can list as many people you like.

My answers:
1. I am a stubborn Mommy. Especially when I breastfeeding my baby 'Farra'
2. My Mummy, because she always assume their children like a friend. I miss you Mom...

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Aug 6, 2011

Ramadhan Flowery Bento present Kolak Pisang

It's Fasting Month. Happy Ramadhan Mubarak.....

Today is 7th day we do fasting period. Hope my lil' family can do it until Idul Fitri. After working time, i must prepare some food for our breaking fast. Go to the Afternoon big market in order to get fresh vegetable, fresh tofu and tempeh and fresh fish. I cooking in the afernoon and it must not to be a specially food, just a simple food like usual but can make my family feel fresh after fasting a half day.

My husband really like spinach and fresh corn, so i made fried corn fricadel and gravy spinach a.k.a Bobor Bayam for him. So Yummy Tummy!!!!!
and it's friends are rice, fried tempeh, tuna fish, papaya and pineapple.

Beside that, i made some appetizer that commonly made in Indonesia and it's Kolak Pisang ^.^   Are you ever made it? It's so delicious if our eat it after do fasting LOL. This is  the recipe if you want to made it for your familly and i called it....................................................................
Kolak Pisang  ala Oen

-            1 pieces      Screwpine leaf (pandan leaf)
-            350 gram    Sugar (if you want more sweet, you can add it)
-            150 gram    Toddy Palm Fruit (Kolang-Kaling)
-            5 pieces      Sweet jackfruit
-            15 pieces    Sweet bananas
-            3 liters         Coconut milk (milk squeezed from coconut)
-            1/2 teaspoon Salt

1.         Cut half each kolang-kaling if desire, if not, leave it as its natural round, put into the boiling pan as well (without the water) and boiled it until well done then drained it.
2.         Tie knot the screwpine leaf and add it into coconut milk in the other  pan then boiled it with small fire stove.
3.         Peel the banana skin, make small cuts and place in the boilin.
4.         Then add sugar, salt and tender drained kolang-kaling into the boiled coconut milk.
5.    Bring to boil everything inside the pan until become tender, taste the it. And if its sweet enough for you, turn off the stove.

Selamat Mencoba  ^.^

Jul 30, 2011

Cinamoroll with Black Ears.....

Well Done!!!! In the end of this month i've made this bento for my Pap lunch. So long i never made any bento because of i've got a terrible cold allergy and it so annoying me at night. This weather make me cough and croup during 1 month. so tired T____T. In the other side, i must prepare some Hyperbaric Seminary as I'll be a consumption section and Alhamdulillah the 2 days Seminary goes success.

Today, i present my own Cinamoroll... i called it Cinamoroll with Black Ears hehehehe... i don't want made it totally white because i think it's ears can't be seen. I put nori on it's ears so you and me can differentiation between it's face and ears hohohohoho. I made vegetarian menu that my Pap asked to me... there is boiled spinach, fried tofu and sweet corn, spicy soy ketchup, rice, strawberry and steam banana.
Bon Apetite, Papa.....

Jun 22, 2011

Cutie Bear Bento

Tarrraaaaaaa..... yeah, i made this bento based on Suzy's Zoo Book hehehehe.... i use a bear mold from it to moulding rice which adding with some soy sauce. You know, how about my feeling today? i feel so bad because of i miss my Mom and we (me, my hubby with my pap) decide to go to my Mom grave.

Oh, yeah today i meet some patient on my hospital where i working at there who is very funny people. She is a mother with two little children. The doctor said that she got lung malignant tumor. Her husband work as a pedicab driver but her family looks very harmonious. She told me that if she laugh and smile with her lovely family, it can bringing down her pain.When her husband go to work, her children are sitting near her and told something which could make their mommy laugh and smile. Owh... it's so heartwarming..... T___T
And when i saw their family, i remember my family in the past, when we are still complete.....

So this morning my menu are, rice, fried tiny sea fish a.k.a ikan teri nasi, fried tofu, spinach for the vegie, sauce made with shrimp paste, and strawberry yummy

Suzy's Zoo Book

Jun 21, 2011

Moci Cake

Me with 'Emak made some snack for this afternoon... this is the first time i post snick snack for you. In Indonesian i called it " Cecemilan " hehehehehe
Okay this is it, a snick snack for you
^.^ a bunch of love for you, all....

*And if you know, the leave baran can be used for my snick snack decoration besides for bento. hehehehehe.....yippy