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Mar 30, 2011

" fur caterpillar "

Have you ever know at Probolinggo, East Java now already happen fur caterpillar rain. so i made this bento when i saw on the tv that many fur caterpillar descend upon house roof, on the wall, ground and all of people in ten village must used umbrella when they leave their home. and if fur caterpillar have contact with skin person, it could make itch. i can't imagine when it happen to me  <...tickled...>
I hope they can through it, and goverment can save the situation  ^_^

friends of box 1 : 'caterpillar' green broccoli rice, carrot,and nori
friends of box 2 : fried tuna ball, Mr. Crab Nugget, tofu square, tomato ketchup in the blue polkadot, grapes and slices of orange

Mar 25, 2011

run....baby duck... catch it!!!

yippi.... finally i can show you my first bento hohohohohoho. i made it in the short morning when i must to hurry go to hospital. when my mom is died three years ago, i always sent a breakfast and lunch for my dad so i made it just for him, much hope he loved it.

box : rice, fried stand shrimp, lettuce, carrot for the  wings and fish, wave tofu, yummy strawberry, salak fruit, stars jelly, and some vegie are mushrooms, carrot, broccoli and of course a small tofu. i don't  made tofu at a gorgeous shape cause i really have not time.