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May 20, 2011

owl bento

last thursday  i hear an owly voice in front of my house tree when i was in the kitchen for cooking our dinner.  nobody at home at that time, just only me. i'm a little bit affraid when hear it. wondering about everything happen like at the ghost movie hiiiii...... -__-! so, after cooking i decide to looking for it and i amazed when i saw a cute little owl perched on a branch. the colour is browny.

but, it giving me inspire to make an owl bento for my dad. try to make a brown owly. i gave some ketcup to browning the rice and make wings, noose, eyes, feet, and feather from cheese and nori. for the side round box i put stirgreen vegie, barbeque shrimp sauce, and fried tofu.


  1. Cute owl! Huaaahh, seumur-umur belum pernah liat langsung si hantu bird ini. Paling2 merinding pas liatnya hehehehe :D

  2. hu'u mbak ta...aku aja merinding. mana pas dengerin suaranya pas kamis malem lagii... gini bunyinya kuk...kuk...kuk..kuk... (ggrrrrr...merinding polll)

  3. So cute....!! I love owls and you really managed to make a beautiful owl with that brown coloured rice :)!!