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May 1, 2011

javanese bento "pecel" in the morning

a simple bento, again and again because i have not much time to make it in my rush morning. yesterday my grandma gave me bananas from her garden when i pick her up to control her heart disease to cardiologist. and i fried the bananas with a little of margarine and you know, it's so delicious.....hmmm....yummy....

a half hour is so meaningful for me. now, my hospital make a new rule. before May, they still gave grace period about a half  hour before 7o'clock, but now they didn't compromise all of their employee who had getting late even if just one second. Oh, God, it's mean that i must got to sleep early and wake up early too in the morning to prepare breakfast and lunch for me, my husband and sometime for my dad. and this monday, i started everything and you guess what???? i coming late ten minutes to the hospital T_T. but tomorrow i will try a new way to prepare our breakfast more early than this day. Hoping not get late tomorrow.

friends of box : rice, cucumber, carrot, fried bananas and cheese, sweetened red cherry, fried tofu, omelette, fried tuna, spinach and stringbean, and a small cup of pecel sauce.


  1. Pecel bento...This is cool :)! And of course the food picks, I want some too ;)!

  2. huehehehe thanks CG! i always amazed when i saw your bento too. i got this pick at some online shop ^_^