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Apr 24, 2011

a failed turtle bento for my hubby, isn't ???????

hua.....i had the blues, this morning i can't wake up earlier so i can't make a pefect turtle bento that i expect before, hiks..hiks...hiks... . i said it failed because i can't make a back motif for my turtle. i'm so sorry my sweety little turtle, someday i will make you better than this one. but in the other side, my husband really excited when he know that his lunch box is a turtle bento although it not to good for me. but like a child, he said to me " Mum, i will show my lunch box to all of my friend in the office. i will make them told that your bento is really cute " hahahaha..... he always find much way to make me smile and then laugh. thanks my Hubby.... i really luv you....
friend of box : rice, meat with barbeque sauce, steamed carrot, fried potato and some jackfruit in the other box.

three days ago..my packet was came. i bought three box belt from mbak za and pak woyo. when i open the packet and saw it, my heart melted immediately. it's so cute.... ^,^ FYI, before i bouhgt this belt, i always use ribbon or a rubber LOL.

Apr 16, 2011

Mrs. Calm and Mr. Spirit Mushroom Bento

haihoooooo it's saturday now, the day that i don't want to go anywhere. just stay at home, watch the tv or with my husband actually and sometimes with my dad too if he came to my house to spend his weekend and stay with us for a night. now i made two mushroom character just for me. i naming my mushroom are

Mrs. Calm and Mr. Spirit Mushroom

they describe what i feel today. if we meet much problem, we must be always smile and calm to faced it and never say give up with that.
friends of box one : rice, steam egg, jelly ball and nori
friends of box two : steamed carrot and gourd, tofu cake, corn omelette, chicken sausage, crab stick, sweetened red cherry, and oranges
* thanks fot the green day bag, mbak Nia....

Apr 15, 2011

turn on your happiness dear....

today is tired day... because my room already move to the new one, hoah.... but i'm happy at finally we have a place to do nutrition consultation. All of our office equipment moving at one day and until now it has not finished yet. tomorrow i must finished it again.... T_T
a couple day ago i promised my friend Nia to made her a lunch bento because she's feel unhappy. she hooded red and white. i hope she's satisfied and being happy soon so we can chit chat like usual hohohoho ^,^ ...... oia, after see the carrot flower of Mbak Tata, i atractted to try make it (thx, Mbak Ta).

friends of box one : Mr. Crab Nugget, Tofu cake, face nugget, squit with oyster sauce, grape, red sweetened cherry, zalacca, carrot, green broccoli and green lettuce.
friends of box two : ketchup rice, white rice, cheese, crab stick, carrot and green broccoli

Apr 12, 2011

stripes, stripes, stripes

positive....negative....positive....negative..... huah, i'm really be fed up with my test pack. Negative Again... and again... when it must change with the positive one??? Oh, God... i really do want two stripes in my test pack result. and today i  just make some stripes bread. just much stripes hahahaha....red berry bread, cheese bread and chocolate milk bread, sweetened red cherry, and some colourfull candy. i hope later i will got my two stripes. the two stripes indeed is a baby come with me.

Apr 5, 2011

Trial Snoopy Bento

wedew.... in a rush morning show i made this bento. prepared and cooked all in hurried. when the clock at 6.30 am, my kitchen looks like a broken ship hahahaha.... but thanks God, you send me my husband. He helped me cleaned my kitchen, throw the rubbish, washing my bento and kitchen tools... yes, Kangmasku , it's called partner in bentoing LOL.... that's why i luv you hunny bunny tutty fruity ^,^

friends of box : lovely grape,green cabbage, crab stick, fried tempe, steamed broccoli, steam babycorn stars cheese, some red part of crab stick and actually rice.

much luv for you 'Kang