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Apr 15, 2011

turn on your happiness dear....

today is tired day... because my room already move to the new one, hoah.... but i'm happy at finally we have a place to do nutrition consultation. All of our office equipment moving at one day and until now it has not finished yet. tomorrow i must finished it again.... T_T
a couple day ago i promised my friend Nia to made her a lunch bento because she's feel unhappy. she hooded red and white. i hope she's satisfied and being happy soon so we can chit chat like usual hohohoho ^,^ ...... oia, after see the carrot flower of Mbak Tata, i atractted to try make it (thx, Mbak Ta).

friends of box one : Mr. Crab Nugget, Tofu cake, face nugget, squit with oyster sauce, grape, red sweetened cherry, zalacca, carrot, green broccoli and green lettuce.
friends of box two : ketchup rice, white rice, cheese, crab stick, carrot and green broccoli


  1. hi hi ,

    Cute baby and nice carrot flowers too!
    Beautiful bento!!

  2. @ Teddy Bento : thanks, your bento are beautifull too... ^,^