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Apr 5, 2011

Trial Snoopy Bento

wedew.... in a rush morning show i made this bento. prepared and cooked all in hurried. when the clock at 6.30 am, my kitchen looks like a broken ship hahahaha.... but thanks God, you send me my husband. He helped me cleaned my kitchen, throw the rubbish, washing my bento and kitchen tools... yes, Kangmasku , it's called partner in bentoing LOL.... that's why i luv you hunny bunny tutty fruity ^,^

friends of box : lovely grape,green cabbage, crab stick, fried tempe, steamed broccoli, steam babycorn stars cheese, some red part of crab stick and actually rice.

much luv for you 'Kang


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog :). I think you make really cute bentos, and I have always liked Snoopy :). Salam kenal ya :D).

  2. it's just a simple bento that i made for my hubby. nice to know you too, CG! ^,^

  3. I love your snoopy! CUTE! I bet your hubby must be smiling all the way while eating this bento that u prepared specially for him :D
    Have a nice day! ^^

  4. hohohoho yea, and he said to me that he have not heart to eat it LOL... thanks anyway.have a nice day too