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Apr 24, 2011

a failed turtle bento for my hubby, isn't ???????

hua.....i had the blues, this morning i can't wake up earlier so i can't make a pefect turtle bento that i expect before, hiks..hiks...hiks... . i said it failed because i can't make a back motif for my turtle. i'm so sorry my sweety little turtle, someday i will make you better than this one. but in the other side, my husband really excited when he know that his lunch box is a turtle bento although it not to good for me. but like a child, he said to me " Mum, i will show my lunch box to all of my friend in the office. i will make them told that your bento is really cute " hahahaha..... he always find much way to make me smile and then laugh. thanks my Hubby.... i really luv you....
friend of box : rice, meat with barbeque sauce, steamed carrot, fried potato and some jackfruit in the other box.

three days ago..my packet was came. i bought three box belt from mbak za and pak woyo. when i open the packet and saw it, my heart melted immediately. it's so cute.... ^,^ FYI, before i bouhgt this belt, i always use ribbon or a rubber LOL.


  1. Awww...such a lovely husband...sayang nggak dikasih liat turtlenya mbak :)

  2. iya syl... just my only one ^,^ ... soalnya corak turtlenya jelek, jadi gak pede hehehehe