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Jul 30, 2011

Cinamoroll with Black Ears.....

Well Done!!!! In the end of this month i've made this bento for my Pap lunch. So long i never made any bento because of i've got a terrible cold allergy and it so annoying me at night. This weather make me cough and croup during 1 month. so tired T____T. In the other side, i must prepare some Hyperbaric Seminary as I'll be a consumption section and Alhamdulillah the 2 days Seminary goes success.

Today, i present my own Cinamoroll... i called it Cinamoroll with Black Ears hehehehe... i don't want made it totally white because i think it's ears can't be seen. I put nori on it's ears so you and me can differentiation between it's face and ears hohohohoho. I made vegetarian menu that my Pap asked to me... there is boiled spinach, fried tofu and sweet corn, spicy soy ketchup, rice, strawberry and steam banana.
Bon Apetite, Papa.....


  1. So cute! I love Cinnamoroll ... One of my favorite characters from Sanrio :) Hope your allergic will go away completely. I can understand how annoying that. Take care Oen!

  2. so pretty of Cinnamoroll...and yummy to your vegetarian menu...I love it.

    by the way, I am giving you an award
    Please pick it up in here


  3. hohoohohoho.....so much much much tengkiyu mbak Yenny.... Smoochies ^_^v