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Jun 22, 2011

Cutie Bear Bento

Tarrraaaaaaa..... yeah, i made this bento based on Suzy's Zoo Book hehehehe.... i use a bear mold from it to moulding rice which adding with some soy sauce. You know, how about my feeling today? i feel so bad because of i miss my Mom and we (me, my hubby with my pap) decide to go to my Mom grave.

Oh, yeah today i meet some patient on my hospital where i working at there who is very funny people. She is a mother with two little children. The doctor said that she got lung malignant tumor. Her husband work as a pedicab driver but her family looks very harmonious. She told me that if she laugh and smile with her lovely family, it can bringing down her pain.When her husband go to work, her children are sitting near her and told something which could make their mommy laugh and smile. Owh... it's so heartwarming..... T___T
And when i saw their family, i remember my family in the past, when we are still complete.....

So this morning my menu are, rice, fried tiny sea fish a.k.a ikan teri nasi, fried tofu, spinach for the vegie, sauce made with shrimp paste, and strawberry yummy

Suzy's Zoo Book

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