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Jun 3, 2011

a carrot farmer bento

Wew...it's Saturday morning. After got two days off, today i going to work again and yesterday is off again. Owch...why the holidays didn't came coinciding so i can take a rest for a long long time or make a little of vacation with my Abi. so i made this bento based from my BFF uncle who has a carrot garden.

Her uncle have a heavy mustache so i tried to made a mustache from nori hahahahahaha...... today i'm cooking some vegie soup which i put on my Suzy Zoo's Silicon Mold just for a photograph and when i bring it to my office, i change it in some little airtight box. The menu are like usual, a simple food such as fried tofu, flower cucumber, broccoli, fried tofu, edamamme, meat simmered in spices and coconut milk a.k.a Rendang daging and some strawberry.

This is just a bit of story about how i fallin love with BENTO.  Formerly i saw some Bento Blog of  Lia Chen, her bento tools are very cute, beatifull, and attracted me to bought like her. She made a wonderfull bento for her little children. At that day i promises to myshelf that i won't stop to collect all of Disney Puncher sets that she had. Yeah, i want to collected it and here they are..... hahahahahaha 

bento tools box

Disneys Puncher Sets



  1. Totally jealous of your bento tools box...;)! I need to buy such a box too...;)! And that little guy in the bento reminds me a bit of 'Pak Raden';).

  2. tengs CG!. you can get this box on the Ace Hardware shop if you back to Indonesia hahahahaha

  3. O my..just saw this post... my gosh, you have so many disney's puncher.. Envy..Envy..hahaha...

  4. ahahaha.... after got this disney punchers, i promise myself to stop bought any bento tools again but i can't stop it hahahahaha