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Jun 17, 2011

Matryoshka Bento

So sorry, i took a rest for a long time because i had a trip to my hubby cousin marriage a week ago. And you know, after that i got bad influenza, cough with fever as a bonus LOL. The doctor said that i too tiredness so i got those ill packet. 

When i browse at Little Bento House i saw a matryoshka food pick. Wew, i think this is rare, and i can't find it at any online shop. I impatient to wait that food pick too long, so i try to made this matryoshka. Do you know about Matryoshka? Yeah, Matryoshka is a traditional Russian doll made of wood and painted with colorful ornaments. This doll is one of the most popular souvenirs in Russia (in Wikipedia).

For the friend of this bento i made my favorite javanese menu. In Indonesian it's called " Empal Penyet". There are cucumber, boiled green vegie, sauce made with shrimp paste a.k.a Sambal Terasi and the last but not least is spiced and fried chunks of beef a.k.a Empal Daging.

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