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Mar 25, 2011

run....baby duck... catch it!!!

yippi.... finally i can show you my first bento hohohohohoho. i made it in the short morning when i must to hurry go to hospital. when my mom is died three years ago, i always sent a breakfast and lunch for my dad so i made it just for him, much hope he loved it.

box : rice, fried stand shrimp, lettuce, carrot for the  wings and fish, wave tofu, yummy strawberry, salak fruit, stars jelly, and some vegie are mushrooms, carrot, broccoli and of course a small tofu. i don't  made tofu at a gorgeous shape cause i really have not time.


  1. What a cute first bento! So thoughtful of you ... I believe that your dad will love this bento :)

  2. thanks mbak lia, i was so happy when i read your comment. you are inspiring me LOL